Install Guide

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1. Download Anaconda

Click here to download Anaconda

2. Install Anaconda

bash ~/Downloads/


input yes

A few minutes later…….

input yes

successful installation.

You can use conda -V to check the version of anaconda.

3. Bash user

vim ~/.bashrc

add the following line to your ~/.bashrc.

export PATH="/home/xupp/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"

Reboot your terminal.

4. Fish user

If your shell is fish, you probably need to configure your environment variable.

I use set command to do this.

set -xg

Prints all global, exported variables.

I find the user name of anaconda path in PATH is wrong.
I don’t know why it is, but i know i should correct it.

set PATH[1] /home/kevin/anaconda3/bin

it works.


1. Create Python environment

conda create --name python37 python=3.7

2. Check Python Environment you have created.

conda info --envs

Where * indicates the current Python environment

3. Modify Python environment

source activate python37

and modify default Python environment

source deactivate

4. Delate Python environment

conda env remove --name python37 --all


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